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Eyelid surgery


It will remove the effect of fatigue or anger by removing the excess skin in the upper eyelids and those bags in the lower along with some neighboring wrinkles. It is ambulatory surgery with local anesthesia and sedation, the stitches are removed after 3 days and can perform their daily activities in a prompt manner.

Facial rejuvenation
Face lift

It is customized depending on the patient's needs. Age and weight loss generate flabbiness and wrinkles that give us an appearance of fatigue, this surgery will give you a fresher and younger appearance, refining your features without modifying your expression, combining several techniques, including liposuction and injection of fat on cheekbones and lips, mini lift, full restiramiento, raising eyebrows, peelings, among others.

Bichat Bags

It consists of the resection of the fat pockets located in the middle sector of the cheeks, highlighting cheekbones and defining the jaw without leaving visible scars. Result, a more stylized and angular shaped face.

Facial fillers

It helps you to correct wrinkles and furrows or to give volume as in the case of the lips, it is a minimally invasive technique with local aenesthesia.


Depending on the patient, a superficial, medium or deep procedure will be performed that will improve the texture of the skin, treating spots, fine wrinkles, open pores, scars, among others.


Corrects the structural problems (that affect your breathing) and aesthetics that can affect your nose, increasing your self-esteem since being the center of your face defines your appearance. The most important thing is to obtain a natural result, balanced and proportional to the rest of your facial and body features, if you notice this surgery is because it was poorly made.

Chin augmentation

Mentoplasty is frequently associated with rhinoplasty, seeking harmonious facial balance and symmetry using a silicone gel prosthesis that is introduced through the intraoral or external route.


It is the second most performed surgical procedure in the world, it is the technique that helps us to extract fat in certain areas of the body, eliminating accumulated fat difficult to disappear with diet or exercise. It can be performed on arms, jowls, cheeks, abdomen, sides, back, thighs, etc. significantly improving your figure and appearance.


Breast augmentation

We work on the structure and shape of the bust by means of implants that can be gel, cohesive, textured or water that are guaranteed for life for your safety. The shape, volume and route of entry are customized depending on the needs of each patient.

Lifting, reduction and remodeling of bust Mastopexia

The loss of elasticity caused by gravity, age or pregnancy causes the breasts to lose their shape, tone and elasticity. We lift it, shape and adjust the nipple at its proper level, you can remove or add volume by means of an implant depending on each case.


We extract the accumulated fat where there is a surplus in your body and we accompany it with lipoinjection in the buttocks or where required, thus shaping your figure, making it more aesthetic.


It helps us correct flaccidity, stretch marks and excess skin and fat. Helping not only a better appearance of your skin, also in your measurements since by means of the plication in your abdominal muscles we obtain a good waist, it can be done from a minilipectomy that helps us correct the lower part of your abdomen to a Circular lipectomy, depending on your needs, is regularly accompanied by a liposculpture.

Mommy make over

It is the combination of three of the most important techniques to remodel your body. We perform a lipectomy accompanied by a lipoinjection of the buttocks and lipo-removal of your waist. In addition, we increase, raise or reduce the bust by returning and even improving the lost figure.

Correction of male breast Gynecomastia

We extract excess fat and mammary gland accumulated in the area of the male breast or pectoral, giving it a more natural and masculine.

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